Is your office technology stuck in the '80s?

Is your business still stuck in the '80s? Here are some outdated business practices and suggestions how to bring your business into the modern world. 1) You still keep your records in filing cabinets. Keeping physical records is costly and takes up valuable office real estate. It's also dangerous. There is the possibility of floods, fire and theft. Why not join the 21st century? Having documents converted to digital formats is relatively painless these days, and once it's done, you can access them anytime and anywhere, improving productivity. 2) You spend hours filling out paperwork. According to studies, the average finance worker spends half a day filling out forms, paying bills, and

Screen Color vs. Print Color

Have you noticed your printer colors don't always match what you see on the computer screen? Think it's your printer that's bad? Not necessarily. Understanding the basics of color science along with RGB vs. CMYK will help you identify color matching problems. What is RGB? RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue which are the primary colors within visible light. All of the colors that humans see are created from combinations of RGB light being transmitted to our eyes. What is CMYK? CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. By applying different combinations of CMYK toner or ink onto paper, we can remove (or subtract) some of the Red, Green and Blue light reflected from the paper's surface.

The Benefits of In-House Production Printing vs. Outsourced Printing

Print solutions are now available in-house that in the past were only found at professional print facilities. Commercial printing still provides a valuable service in the business world. Extremely large runs of very high quality or specialized material are still, in most cases, better produced by a commercial print facility. But, with the wide variety of hardware and software solutions available, many, if not the majority, of enterprise print needs today can be fulfilled in house. A recent InfoTrends study showed that printing in-house for lower run-length job orders is less expensive, and requires less net time, and can produce required material with less waste than having the same job done

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