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Mitigating security risks presented by your office printer

Modern multifunction printers (MFPs) are equipped with internal hard drives, just like a computer. These hard drives capture and store the information from all of the documents that they process. Oftentimes, this information is sensitive data that could be a liability should it fall into the wrong hands. As is the case with computers, your printers are vulnerable to attacks from hackers once they are networked.

The Sharp Advanced Series of MFPs offer powerful device management utilities, web-based customer training and advanced, multi-layered security features. For example, to help protect employees' privacy and intellectual property, the color Advanced Series is armed with a variety of security measures, including features such as data encryption, data overwrite protection and data erase. Multiple security protocols help restrict access to the device while in operation, and a convenient End-of-Lease feature overwrites all data at time of trade-in.

Other features include Confidential Printing and Secure Fax Release to help ensure that sensitive documents are kept safe by requiring users to enter a PIN code in order to print them. These plus other features help your business meet regulatory requirements including HIPAA.

Let Chattanooga Business Machines show you how to mitigate security risks in your business. Contact us today!

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