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Technology for Your Home Office

Many businesses have adjusted their operations and become remote based due to COVID-19. Chances are though that your team is uncovering a number of needs. We don't think about how much we use that second monitor or count on that scanner/printer until they're not available.


To help your team get back to a new normal, we've put together a a number of Remote Work Bundles.


We have bundles starting at $62/month

and will include:

  • Laptop computer

  • Dual monitors with stand

  • Docking station

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

  • B/W desktop MFP (including installation)

You can choose a pre-built bundle as is or add and delete products to get the bundle that best fits your needs. CBM's team of experienced professionals are here to help your business and employees make working remotely easier. Contact us for a free assessment.


Don't go it alone, let us help

you obtain the technology you need.

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