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Document Management

Few business processes are as necessary—yet as time consuming—as filing, storing, retrieving, and routing documents. Discover how to save money, time and space.

ImageSEND allows for one-touch distribution to seven destinations—Email, Desktop, FTP, Network Folders, USB, Fax and Internet Fax.   (Standard on many Sharp MFPs)

Document management software turns MFPs and scanners into the center of productivity for any business. Imagine having any document—contracts, e-mails, invoices—absolutely any piece of information, merely a fingertip away. It’s that easy.

  • Instant productivity right out of the box

  • Ability to customize its features according to industry needs

  • Access documents from any connected computer or office

  • Electronically store years of documents on-line

  • A feature-rich document management software

CBM helps businesses address their documentation needs by assessing their current systems and assisting in the development and implementation of a solution that meets the specific needs of that business.

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