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CompleteCloud Services

Cloud solutions are mobile, scalable, secure and cost-effective. 

CompleteCloud lets you rethink I.T. so you can focus on growing your company.  It is the most secure private cloud on the market that leverages remote computers (VDI, hosted computers, virtual desktops) which allows companies to rethink the way they pay for, access, and support their IT needs. The CompleteCloud's unique pricing model provides a business with all their IT needs with a simple per user, per month price that never changes even if they need more servers (etc.).

The CompleteCloud per user price includes:

  • Provide hardware

    • (server farm) needs in our redundant data centers​

    • all local hardware from PCs to LAN equipment

  • Provide Microsoft Core Infrastructure license

    • Server based:  SQL, exchange, file server, etc.​

    • Desktop based:  operating systems, MS Office

  • Manage all your business line software

  • Manage and covering some or all local internet bill

  • Providing 24x7 US based Tier 1,2,3 support along with local onsite support

    • 95% of all cases get answered in less than 5 minutes​

    • True mobility accessing your remote computer from any device just like you are in the office. Your computer is your computer and it never shuts down. Simple login with a secure SSL connection via RDP

    • Advanced Managed Security

      • All data located in SSAE16 Data Center with security guards, biometric access, video surveillance, etc.​

      • Anti-Spam, Anti-virus, Intrusion detection software, Cisco Umbrella, Alert Logic, MFA, Secure Email, KnowBe4, Compliance Reporting

    • Robust backup and disaster recovery plan

      • All data at desktop and server level backed up daily with 30 days of revolving snapshots along with full images of VMs and servers. All data replicated to second data center.​

      • Never worry about a disaster or needing insurance on equipment

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