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Light Production Systems

The BP-1200S Color Press Series is specifically made for designers and print operators who want to level up their printing game. The presses boast speeds of up to 120 pages-per-minute (ppm), are equipped with a powerful Fiery® digital front end and print up to six colors in one pass, including CMYK, gold, silver, bright pink, textured and clear toners. 

The new Pro Series light production models include the BP-90C70, which prints at 70/75 ppm color/bw, and the BP-90C80, which prints at 80/80 ppm color/bw respectively. They are designed and built for the print-on-demand market and span across all industries that have central reprographics departments (CRD) or in-plant print facilities. These models are also the first to offer optional Fiery® Print Servers that utilize the latest Fiery® Platforms. 

Why Insourcing Print Communications Can Be Better for Business
Print On Demand - You only print what you need vs. paying more for excess prints in order to get a volume discount. 
Space Savings - With in-house printing, there is no need to store materials that may have a short shelf life. 
Control Work Deadlines - Printing onsite, locally, means that you won't need to pay extra for shipping and handling, or wait to receive the final product. 
Saves Time - Work is prepared and printed in-house, keeping control of confidentiality and production time.
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