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Managed IT Services

Total IT Oursourcing

Get the total package for managing your IT infrastructure with a low cost, fixed-fee service. Total IT provides top-class IT services, supported through CBM’s (Service, Monitoring, Automation, Reporting & Tracking) System management platform. You get all of this without a huge up-front investment or committing to a long-term contract. Our technology allows us to proactively fix issues before they turn into problems and instantly attend to problems to prevent disaster


Server & Network Management

Proactive server maintenance and support

24/7 monitoring and resolution of issues

Regular updating of OS service patches and A/V files

Management of network and security devices-wires, switches, routers, and firewalls

Backup and disaster recovery testing and monitoring


Desktop Support

Management of A/V, spy ware, and spam removal and updating

Regular optimization of PC drives

Deploy updates to software and service packs

Support for Microsoft off-the-shelf products and third-party applications

End-user help desk for questions on usage of Microsoft and other software


IT Management

Executive Summary Reporting on a monthly basis

Asset Tracking and Budget Preparation

Alignment of Strategic IT Plans with Business Plans

Vendor Management and problem resolution

Solution Development and Project Management

Hardware and Software procurement

Free Consultation


Support Internal IT Staff (Co-Managed IT)

Using this service gives access to a trusted advisor, a 24/7 remote monitoring and management tools, mobile device management tools, and better disaster recovery and business continuity solutions as well as access to an experienced help desk team--all without the overhead that comes with hiring more help. CBM Co-Managed IT services offer a consistency to not just your end-user but also your main IT guy who will certainly appreciate the help.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions

For businesses, having a disaster recovery plan in place is not optional – it's critical. Indeed, the recent spike in natural disasters has many organizations thinking about their business continuity plans. And it isn't just natural disasters that affect businesses — plenty of man-made events cause business slowdowns or shutdowns as well. Ransomware, civil disturbances, mass shootings, terrorism, and more mundane events likely faulty components, accidentally deleted files, misconfigured hardware or mistakenly cut power cables can knock businesses offline. In order to be ready for these inevitable situations, CBM recommends that large enterprises and small businesses alike put together a disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC) plan. And because so much of today's business takes place digitally, that means making a plan for how to get IT systems back online after an outage.

Cloud-Based Hosted Solutions

Some IT people fear the cloud spells the end to their job security. Meanwhile, the cloud can actually help them take on a more prominent contributing role in the company's success. The cloud should be seen as another tool that further eliminates the mundane yet necessary daily drudgery from their workday. Those who work WITH the cloud will find that they have more available time to take on more meaningful cost cutting or revenue generating projects. 

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