An URGENT Security Warning for businesses running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2

Microsoft has announced that after January 14, 2020, technical assistance and automatic security updates that help protect your PCs and servers will no longer be made available for all editions of Windows 7, Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2. *Microsoft strongly recommends that you upgrade your systems before January 2020. Keeping all of your systems up-to-date with the latest software and security patches is integral in helping prevent cyberattacks through known vulnerabilities. As a local Microsoft Partner, Chattanooga Business Machines is committed to helping businesses overcome the challenges of identifying at-risk infrastructure by offering a Free Microsoft Risk Assessment. At no cost, we’

Get Smart About Smartphones

With flexible working schedules, remote teams, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in force, it is has become commonplace for employees and business owners alike to use smartphones for work purposes. A quick reply to an email, sharing that sales presentation, glancing over that vendor proposal–all on a smartphone–is something we all do on a daily basis. But with this convenience comes great security risks. This blog discusses what they are and how you can avoid them. Mobile devices are lost/stolen more easily. Unlike desktop computers, your smartphones and tablets are easier to steal. Or, you may even forget yours at the restroom in the mall, and along with it, goes all confidential da

Five Things You Should Do Right Now to Preserve Your Network and Systems

1. Backup Files Every Day – As catastrophic as data loss is, the number of businesses that still are not backing up their network is unbelievable. According to the Symantec Small to Medium Size Businesses (SMB) data, only 23% of SMBs are backing up their data on a daily basis and fewer than 50% are backing up data weekly. Any number of events can result in data loss, so the importance of frequently backing up your network cannot be overstated. 2. Ensure Backup Procedures Are Checked Regularly – Many times business owners think that they have a backup system in place only to find out after it’s too late that it hasn’t been working properly. It may seem like your files are being backed up dail

You can't avoid being a target...but you can avoid being a victim.

60% of small companies that suffer a cyberattack are out of business within six months. What would happen if a hacker decided to launch a cyberattack against your business? Would they be successful? Would they easily gain access to your company's sensitive information? Would you suffer reputational damage? Most small business owners tend to think they have nothing worth stealing. This makes them an easy target. Chances are, you do have something that hackers want: customer payment information, employee social security numbers.... It is your job to make sure this information is secure. Cyber security isn't just a concern for large business. It's something that small business owners need to p

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