Charitable Initiatives: How Giving Back Benefits Your Business

Here are some of the ways charitable initiatives are a win-win proposition, and your company will benefit from getting involved. Increase employee morale – Corporate giving increases engagement within employees, as people are likely to respect leaders who actively try to make positive changes in the lives of others. By encouraging employees to participate in charitable work, they’ll experience the rewarding feeling of making a difference in your community. Improve brand reputation – Clients, vendors, and prospects are more likely to think highly of a business that supports charities or causes in their community. The boost in reputation that comes along with showing your company cares about o

Why paper jams persist

Did you know that humidity might be a major cause of jamming in your office copier? Humidity in your office can cause paper being stored in a supply closet or in the copier drawers themselves to become damp, therefore, making the paper thicker which can cause jamming. Also, if the paper is damp, the small wheels that move the paper through the machine may not be able to get traction on the paper causing it to jam. What can you do? 1) Put a dehumidifier in the office, preferably near where the paper is stored. This will greatly reduce the amount of humidity in the air. 2) If you open a ream of paper, try to reseal it as best as possible. Rather than open an entire end of the package, just mak

Increase Print Security

At some point, everybody needs to print a confidential document. You are probably familiar with the print and sprint strategy--you hit "print" on your computer and then run to retrieve the document before anyone else sees it. Imagine these three scenarios for a manager printing out an employee review: * She attempts to retrieve the document from the printer, but someone is already printing a big job. She waits, and her pages end up mixed between others, so she has to sort through them and hope others don't see any confidential information. * The printer is down, jammed and waiting for maintenance, and she has to keep an eye on the machine to make sure the document doesn't print without her

4 Steps to Organize Your Supply Closet

Imagine, someone asks you to get a new toner for the copier. You think to yourself, “Do they realize the magnitude of the job they’ve just asked me to do? Have they seen our supply closet? It could take all day.” You’re a team player though, so you cheerfully say “You bet! Just give me a few minutes.” We deliver supplies to offices all over the Chattanooga area, so we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly over the years. We’re here to help you get that supply closet under control with these 4 tried and true tips for organizational success. #1 Group similar items & clearly label shelves Few things are as frustrating as having to hunt around for that thing you are looking for only to find th

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