Is it time to replace your old copier?

Knowing when to replace your copier might seem intuitive – after all if it will stop working when it’s done, right? Not so fast. Even if office equipment seems functional, there are other cues that it’s time for an upgrade. Here are some of the signs that it might be in your best interest to shop for a new copier. Breakdowns When office equipment like copiers and printers are overworked or approaching the end of their lifespan, they often start to break down frequently. If this is the case, your company might be spending too much time and money waiting for repair and getting it repaired. Money Pits Those breakdowns we mentioned above? That’s just one of the ways that your copier can be a dra

Mitigating security risks presented by your office printer

Modern multifunction printers (MFPs) are equipped with internal hard drives, just like a computer. These hard drives capture and store the information from all of the documents that they process. Oftentimes, this information is sensitive data that could be a liability should it fall into the wrong hands. As is the case with computers, your printers are vulnerable to attacks from hackers once they are networked. The Sharp Advanced Series of MFPs offer powerful device management utilities, web-based customer training and advanced, multi-layered security features. For example, to help protect employees' privacy and intellectual property, the color Advanced Series is armed with a variety of secu

Stop Printing So Much!

It might surprise you to know that even though we sell and service printers, we want you to print less. Reducing paper usage isn't just good for business; it's good for the planet. Take a look around your office. What do you see? * Reams of wasted paper in the recycling bin? * No strategic supply management process? * Underutilized or inefficient printers? * Color copies that should be printed in black and white? If that sounds familiar, then you need to manage your printers more effectively. We recommend a three-step approach to designing a print strategy that eliminates wasteful printing and matches your business needs. 1) Evaluate your device use, output, supplies and viability to align t

Need a new office printer? Upgrade to an MFP

Your printer has slowed down, the repair team is always working on it, and employees are frustrated. It's just like when your car starts to break down - it might take a minute, but when you realize it's time to buy a new machine, you have to jump in right away to fix the problem. CONSIDERING A NEW DEVICE? Do a little research inside your office to see what you need, and then start looking for a printer and a technology solutions company to partner with for success with your next significant investment. When buying a new printer, upgrade to a multifunction printer (MFP) to simplify your office operations. HERE'S WHAT AN MFP CAN DO: Combine Functions into One. Don't buy a printer that only pri

Scanning can boost your business

With technology continually leaping ahead, it seems impossible to stay up to date, let alone figure out every new advancement that you hear about. But the reality is that not every new invention is applicable or helpful for your business. Sometimes, it's better to stick with the time-tested solutions that have always worked for you, and just stay updated with new features. SCANNING SOLUTIONS Scanning is an excellent example of something that everyone understands and that always works well. Also, with new mobile access, digitization has made other leaps into the modern office world and is still entirely relevant. Scanning can operate in your digital office space with you. Here are a few examp

Choosing a Printer for Graphic Designers

Choosing a printer for graphic designers is critical to the upkeep of a company's brand. The right printer, that is. Poorly printed marketing materials shouldn't be the reason a customer gets a bad impression of your business. First impressions are everything. Marketing materials should appear crisp and professional. Before running out to the nearest office supply store and purchasing a small laser or inkjet printer, consider everything from the cost of replacing ink cartridges to paper capabilities. Cost of Ink: Often times the cost of ink cartridges is neglected when purchasing a printer. The printer can appear to be cost-effective upfront, but the cost of replacing ink can destroy a budg

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