Invest in Office Technology and They Will Come

Businesses need to invest in the future in two different ways: technology and people. These go hand-in-hand, and it’s important to realize that sometimes the best impressions are left by the surroundings. Picture this: you’re 18 again, and you’re shopping for a college. Are you going to pick the college that has all of the up-to-date equipment or the one that doesn’t have enough funding for an office plant? The same concept applies to both potential clients and employees. The better the tech, the better the work. At Chattanooga Business Machines, we have the latest technology to make the biggest impressions. Sharp’s new AQUOS Boards are 70-inches of interactive smart technology. With its abi

Are you asking yourself: “I wonder how old my copier is?" "How do I tell?” If so, it’s

Copiers are like cars--they require regular preventive maintenance (like changing your oil). And also like cars, over time major components can fail and the cost of maintaining your copier (or car) becomes more expensive than buying a new one. If your copy machine is five years old you’re probably spending more than you should on repairs and maintenance. At ten years, the total cost of operation can outweigh the cost of a new feature-rich machine. Repairs can keep your old machine running, but the lost productivity from downtime and cost of operation can take a toll on your team. A new copier can have a lower total cost of operation than older models. Newer models offer savings on energy an

Amazon is taking Alexa to the office

“Alexa, start my conference call.” “Alexa, turn off the lights in the office at 7 p.m.” “Alexa, schedule this room for 1 p.m.” These commands are coming to an office near you via an Amazon Web Services Alexa for Business. At your desk—Alexa lets you be more productive throughout your day and stay focused on important tasks. Alexa can help you manage your schedule, keep track of your to-do list, and set reminders. Alexa can automatically dial into your conference calls and make phone calls for you. In the conference room—Alexa lets your start and control your conference room settings using your voice. With Alexa, you don’t need to use remote controls, look up conference call information, and

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