How much speed do you need?

One of the most important qualities of a printer/copier is ppm or pages per minute. It's not the only factor, but copy speed is certain to be heavily factored in when deciding on which copier, or multifunction printer (MFP), to lease or buy. Much like an automobile's horsepower, top printer speed is not always utilized, but it's nice to have it when it's needed. On the other hand, do you really need to lease a Corvette when most of your driving occurs within a radius of 10 miles or less, on city streets? Is faster always better? Not necessarily. There are a wide array of speeds available in the MFP market, generally ranging from about 25 ppm on the low side to over 65 ppm on the high side.

Multifunction Printer (MFP) vs. Desktop Printer: Which is better for your office printing needs?

Does your office have only desktop printers, an MFP, or a mix of both devices? While desktop printers are tempting to add to your office due to their low purchasing cost, did you know that these come with a high maintenance cost? Desktop printers tend to be less efficient and require more expensive ink than office multifunctional printers, so you end up paying more in the long-term. However, there are pros and cons for each. Read on to learn more. The Pros and Cons Features: An important question to ask is “Do you regularly send and receive faxes, make copies, and scan documents? A multifunction device can meet those needs, but if your office already has a separate fax machine, copier or s

Little Big Shot: 40" Aquos Interactive Whiteboard

Sharp just released a smaller version of the popular AQUOS BOARD. This board arrived just in time for a local Chattanooga school who had just asked for a smaller version to accompany the large AQUOS they already have in place in one of their classrooms. This 40" display has all the interactivity of the much larger 80" board, just in a smaller size. “This series targets environments that have limited space requirements for either interactive signage or interactive collaboration applications, and are suitable for virtually any industry and organization size.” Gary Bailer, Director of Product Planning and Marketing for Pro AV Products at Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. The AQU

Ever try to print a webpage off the Internet?

You may have wasted tons of ink printing ads, navigation bars, images and more. What if you could print only the parts of a page you wanted to? You can! I just came across a great way to save you paper, ink, and money while making your output look great. It’s called CleanPrint. It’s so simple to use and it’s FREE! Go to and click on Get CleanPrint. On the next page you'll just drag the icon to your favorites bar. There is a very short video you can also watch. Next time you get ready to print a page from the Internet, just click on the CleanPrint Brower Tool instead of the print button next to the article on the Internet. You can also make further changes before print

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