Could your business survive a disaster?

If your business was destroyed by a tornado tonight, how long would it take for you to be back in operation? Gartner estimates that only 35% of small to middle-sized businesses have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. A Touche Ross study stated that the survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%. Don’t rely on business insurance A business insurance policy may only cover loss or damage to your inventory and equipment. Even if your organization survives a disaster, without effective planning you may face the inability to meet your obligations to clients, missed market opportunities, lost profits... Business continuity planning is a strategy. It

The biggest threat to your IT infrastructure: your own employees

Did you know that your employees often unwittingly ‘help’ cybercriminals gain access to your system? Often, employees play a part in compromising the security of your IT infrastructure, even without them realizing it. For example: When your employees use their own devices for work purposes such as to access emails, to connect to work servers, or to work on office files. In the event their device gets infected by a malware or hacked, the virus or the hacker may gain access to your data as well. Your employees may put your network at risk by connecting to unauthorized networks, downloading unauthorized software, using outdated antivirus programs etc. on their personal devices and then using i

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