Are Your Paper Documents Protected?

Despite the powerful trend toward paperless workflows, most businesses still have circumstances that require hardcopies of documents. Contracts, proposals, manuscripts, prints, posters, maps, and receipts are all candidates for hardcopies, whether for financial, legal, or regulatory reasons. In other cases, paper documents are simply business ephemera—needed in hard copy format until they’re converted, transferred, or otherwise used. Unfortunately, paper documents can also bring with them a substantial amount of risk. If your business relies on paper as part of its workflow processes, read on for a breakdown of considerations to help secure them. Problem: Human Errors Humans are the most imp

When Production Printing Makes Sense

When businesses are small and needs are limited, outsourcing print jobs can make sense. But as a business grows, relying on external vendors to meet those needs can become costly and inefficient. Not only do costs add up quickly for outsourced print jobs, but you are at the mercy of your print shop’s schedule. You’re competing with other clients for time, attention, and priority. Once your business’ needs have matured, it may be time to consider bringing production printing in-house. If you are thinking about bringing production printing to your office, consider the following. Has your printing reached critical mass? Production printing is well-suited for high-volume, black-and-white printin

Stay Compliant with Healthcare-based Solutions

With the growing role of data in our business and everyday lives, security and privacy have never been more important, and nowhere is it more critical than in healthcare environments. In addition to ethical considerations, healthcare companies are subject to strict regulatory compliance regulations such as HIPAA. Fortunately, many document solutions available today offer features that help healthcare organizations stay compliant while improving efficiency. Security Solutions for Healthcare A well-designed document management system provides numerous security features that help healthcare providers keep patient data safe. Access to files can be controlled at the user or group level, with spec

Why Leasing Office Equipment Makes Sense for Your Business

It’s a question faced by every company at some point in the evolution of their office technology: Buy or Lease? For many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the flexibility, simplicity, and affordable technology available through leasing can’t be beaten by a purchase. Read on to learn why. The Money Let’s start with your bottom line. Leasing doesn’t usually require a hefty down payment, minimizing the initial capital outlay required to adopt new technology. This means that critical cash reserves can be protected or used to fund value-adding initiatives—like marketing—that can grow your business. Leasing is most often reserved for high-value assets; equipment valued between $3,000 and $

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