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Items to consider when budgeting for new office equipment

How much downtime are you experiencing due to old, unreliable equipment?

Are your workflows frequently interrupted because your older office equipment has a maintenance issue and needs servicing? Time is money, and having your staff stand around and wait while business processes are put on hold due to an unreliable printer adds up. When putting together your office equipment budget, why not include capital to replace your existing problem device with a newer, more reliable model? You’ll eliminate headaches and missed deadlines due to machine downtime while improving efficiency and productivity.

Are there new features you would like to take advantage of but your current equipment does not have?

Does your current device lack cutting-edge features that would make life for your staff much easier? Newer office equipment comes complete with the latest, greatest technology, enabling you to streamline your workflows, improve document security, and operate in a more eco-friendly manner. Whether it is software applications, intuitive touchscreens, mobile printing, better energy efficiency, advanced finishing options, or enhanced security features, a new device will offer you access to smart and innovative features to help you keep up with the competition.

Use these considerations when preparing your 2020 office equipment budget to help determine whether upgrading from your existing device would benefit your business, and factoring that into your budget. If you are looking to upgrade your equipment, contact the office technology experts at Chattanooga Business Machines. We will provide you with the perfect solution to meet your workflow needs without blowing your budget.

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