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Introducing Staple-less Staples!

Innovation comes in different shapes and sizes – you may not notice this feature until you start using your new Sharp MFP* but you’ll love using it. It's just one of those features that makes office life a little bit easier. ​

With the new range Sharp printers you’ll find there are two types of stapling. Manual stapling is a convenient feature that allows you to insert documents into a slot in the finisher to staple it. It could be used for a variety of reasons including re-stapling separated copy originals.

When you think of a stapler, you probably imagine a small shard of metal binding your documents together. There is a better way, which reduces costs on having to buy and keep staples in stock. Stapleless stapling is a neat finishing option available from the print driver or from the device UI. It will crimp the corners of the pages together using serrated metal teeth. You can output up to five pages at a time to create a single bound document, making it a great alternative for smaller documents.

Watch for other Sharp feature innovations.

* Feature available on the new Sharp MX-4070N, MX-3570N and MX-3070N​

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