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5 Key Questions when it comes to scanning

While many organizations are going paperless, few have made a full digital migration. Why? Because they're probably using the wrong hardware for the job. Multi-function printers (MFPs) just aren't cut out for heavy-duty, high-volume scanning.

5 Key Questions:

1) Do you scan more than 1,000 pages a day? You need a scanner built to handle the volume generated by even the most paper-intensive environments, like healthcare, insurance, financial, and legal sectors--from 1,000 to 50,000+ pages a day!

2) Does image quality matter to you? A quality image is more than a pretty picture. You need the ability to clean up backgrounds, drop out colors, make adjustments and change scanner settings on the fly, and save images in a variety of file formats to save time and costs.

3) Is document prep wasting time? You need automatic document orientation and job separation features so you can jump right into the job.

4) Are you tired of fixing MFP issues? Eliminate bottlenecks that can occur at centralized MFPs with a scanner with high-capacity auto document and double-feed detection--requiring less user and IT intervention.

Using a dedicated scanner vs. a shared MFP can make all the difference.

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