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Be nice to your copier!

Your copier has a hard life—here are 11 things that you really should stop doing:

1) Don’t use your copier as a buffet table—from spilled drinks to crumbs, neither is a good thing. Either put a tablecloth over it or do the smart thing and leave your food at your desk.

2) Don’t wear jewelry, particularly diamonds, while you are cleaning the platen glass. There are also mirrors inside so be careful sticking your hands in there with jewelry on.

3) Don’t poke the buttons repeatedly. Yes, you may be in a hurry, but pushing the same button repeatedly isn’t going to get the copier to do what you’ve already told it to do any faster.

4) Don’t kick the paper trays. If your hands are full, please take a moment to unburden your arms, and gently but firmly close the trays.

5) Don’t feed your copier anything but paper. Please check to ensure that all staples or paperclips are removed before putting through the automatic document feeder. If you can’t remove a staple, just lay the document down on the flat platen glass.

6) Don’t use old paper. If paper sits too long in the drawers, humidity will often cause the paper to stick together. Just remove the paper and fan the edges before placing it back into the drawers.

7) Don’t use the wrong size paper in the drawers. Make sure the partitions inside the drawer fit the paper size.

8) Don’t force feed toner. The right cartridge will slide smoothly into place and lock. Don’t be in a hurry—if it doesn’t fit, check that you’ve got the right toner for the machine.

9) Don’t replace toner cartridge until it prompts you to do so! Replacing toner when not empty will not fix a quality problem.

10) Don’t leave your copier on all the time. Use the power-saving mode. Not only will there be less wear and tear on the electrical parts, you’ll save a few dollars on electricity.

11) Don’t sit on your copier! The platen glass is designed to handle paper—you’re slightly heavier—explain that injury to the ER nurse—and then to your boss!

Every copier deserves respect.

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