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Increase Print Security

At some point, everybody needs to print a confidential document. You are probably familiar with the print and sprint strategy--you hit "print" on your computer and then run to retrieve the document before anyone else sees it. Imagine these three scenarios for a manager printing out an employee review:

* She attempts to retrieve the document from the printer, but someone is already printing a big job. She waits, and her pages end up mixed between others, so she has to sort through them and hope others don't see any confidential information.

* The printer is down, jammed and waiting for maintenance, and she has to keep an eye on the machine to make sure the document doesn't print without her there.

* The document has most likely printed but isn't at the printer. Thinking someone else has grabbed it by mistake, she panics and calls IT to track down the last person who printed.

With Secure/Follow Me embedded software on your copier/MFP, the device will be able to track, control and secure print release directly from the control panel. The user will be enter a PIN or scan a badge in order to retrieve their documents. Different access rights can be granted for various functions on

Eliminate waste of uncollected jobs sitting on the copier and never picked up. Encourage responsible behavior and make users and departments accountable for their print usage. Quit the print and sprint--jobs will only print when released by the user.

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