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Why paper jams persist

Did you know that humidity might be a major cause of jamming in your office copier? Humidity in your office can cause paper being stored in a supply closet or in the copier drawers themselves to become damp, therefore, making the paper thicker which can cause jamming.

Also, if the paper is damp, the small wheels that move the paper through the machine may not be able to get traction on the paper causing it to jam.

What can you do?

1) Put a dehumidifier in the office, preferably near where the paper is stored. This will greatly reduce the amount of humidity in the air.

2) If you open a ream of paper, try to reseal it as best as possible. Rather than open an entire end of the package, just make a small slit and pull the paper out as needed. If possible, put the leftover paper (still in the plastic that you made the slit in) back in the box it came in for storage.

3) Keep boxes (cases) off of the ground. Put them on a shelf or on some type of pallet to keep them off the ground where there tends to be more moisture.

4) Try not to fill the copier drawers with paper if it isn't going to be used within the next couple of days. Paper that sits inside the copier drawers will soak up humidity because the copier drawers are not airtight.

We live in the South, therefore, we can't escape the hot, humid summer. I hope these tips will help keep your copier running smoothly.

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