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Color sells.

Color increases readers' attention spans and recall by 82%.

Even with the internet, people still love to hold a well-designed, gorgeously printed color piece in their hands.

Research has shown that using color in business can dramatically improve communication, enhance productivity, and boost sales. Color helps brands to stand out, show their real value and help people understand what they are all about. They are what gets the audience to read, listen, discover, feel, see and do what they want to do afterwards. From usability to readability, color is very important in content marketing.

Advances in color printing technology are making printers and MFPs more economical and easier to use than ever before. Also, most commercial printers require minimum print-runs that often far surpass what is needed. Bringing color in-house just makes good business sense.

The Sharp Color Advanced Essentials Series MFPs utilize an innovative Color Consistency System that delivers high-quality output and helps maintain optimum image balance and density page-after-page.

To learn more, contact one of our Sales Reps at or call 423-855-5222.

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