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Need a new office printer? Upgrade to an MFP

Your printer has slowed down, the repair team is always working on it, and employees are frustrated. It's just like when your car starts to break down - it might take a minute, but when you realize it's time to buy a new machine, you have to jump in right away to fix the problem.


Do a little research inside your office to see what you need, and then start looking for a printer and a technology solutions company to partner with for success with your next significant investment.

When buying a new printer, upgrade to a multifunction printer (MFP) to simplify your office operations.


Combine Functions into One. Don't buy a printer that only prints paper. An MFP can print, copy, scan, fax, and email documents with the touch of a button.

Save Space

MFPs save valuable office space and combine every necessary piece of equipment into one for optimal efficiency.

Eliminate Waste

An MFP will only use one set of office consumables like toner, paper, and cartridges, so you don't have the excessive output of office waste.

Also, efficient machines mean more efficient workflows, and employees catch on. You'll see less wasted paper and lost time by combining office functions with an MFP.

Save Big

You can save money, too! We've saved the best benefit for last. MFPs have a longer lifespan than other office devices, and toner can last longer. Also, having one central machine instead of multiple desktop printers is critical to sensible budgets.


At Chattanooga Business Machines, we know that staying competitive means updated technology solutions. An MFP is an answer you need to increase quality, volume, and production.

Contact us today to find out if an upgrade to an MFP can benefit your business at 423.855.5222 or

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