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Stop Printing So Much!

It might surprise you to know that even though we sell and service printers, we want you to print less.

Reducing paper usage isn't just good for business; it's good for the planet. Take a look around your office. What do you see?

* Reams of wasted paper in the recycling bin?

* No strategic supply management process?

* Underutilized or inefficient printers?

* Color copies that should be printed in black and white?

If that sounds familiar, then you need to manage your printers more effectively. We recommend a three-step approach to designing a print strategy that eliminates wasteful printing and matches your business needs.

1) Evaluate your device use, output, supplies and viability to align them with a purchasing process

2) Integrate best-of-class software and printer hardware into your current system

3) Continuously assess your consumption based on actual usage--because it will always be in flux

Managed Print is ideal for controlling costs and can help ensure that your machines are helping you better serve your clients. To see how a print partnership can benefit your company, reach out to our experts for a free, no obligation assessment of your company's print environment. Contact us at: or call 423-855-5222.

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