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Stay Compliant with Healthcare-based Solutions

With the growing role of data in our business and everyday lives, security and privacy have never been more important, and nowhere is it more critical than in healthcare environments. In addition to ethical considerations, healthcare companies are subject to strict regulatory compliance regulations such as HIPAA. Fortunately, many document solutions available today offer features that help healthcare organizations stay compliant while improving efficiency.

Security Solutions for Healthcare

A well-designed document management system provides numerous security features that help healthcare providers keep patient data safe. Access to files can be controlled at the user or group level, with specific permissions designated regarding tasks and data that are available to any given user. Centralized document management keeps multiple copies of documents from being needed, while also enabling secure transmission of files to other healthcare providers. Secure FTP transfer, SSL, passwords, keys, and certificates are deployed, as is local file encryption.

To maintain patient trust and stay within the law, healthcare providers must make privacy and security top priorities. Fortunately, electronic document management and automation can transform outdated and risk-laden systems, protecting data while making it easier to use.

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