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Don't Let Your Printer Fleet Go Unmanaged

Many business owners think their printer fleets are fine left the way they are—unmanaged. But, unmanaged printer fleets can present all sorts of very real problems and legitimate risks. Managed print services can illuminate this often overlooked area of IT, so that unmanaged imaging fleets don’t wind up costing you.

Here are some negative impacts of unmanaged printer fleets:

  • Hidden costs: One of the most detrimental effects of unmanaged printers is hidden costs. In short, most companies are blissfully unaware of the state of their print environment and how much it’s costing them. Constant repairs, replacing consumables, and overprinting are just a few examples of how hidden costs can add up fast. The sheer complexity of modern imaging equipment can add to this problem.

  • Inefficiency: Many companies assume that their printer fleet only costs money when something goes wrong. In actuality, costs associated with downtime can quietly add up. Inefficient printer fleets can cause ripple effects throughout an entire organization.

  • Overprinting: Overprinting due to poorly managed imaging equipment can hurt your pocketbook, as well as the environment. Although going green is a multi-step process, being sure not to produce unnecessary waste is one of the most important parts.

  • Security threats: When printer fleets are not properly secured, it’s easy for the wrong eyes to land upon sensitive documents. In a busy organization, that means an increased potential for huge problems. A confidential document left unattended in a print tray can turn into a disastrous situation.

  • Burden on IT staff: Let’s face it. Your IT staff is busy. When printer fleets are put on the back burner, they slowly become huge issues for your IT staff, which should be focusing on other things. Once a printer fleet is properly managed, many printer-related problems are prevented before they become significant issues.

  • Overstocking: Because most organizations do not properly outline and plan for their printing needs, many printer fleets become bloated. This results in wasting money on operating and stocking these unnecessary machines.

Fortunately, managed print services can help your organization avoid these silent threats in your print environment. By properly preparing your printer fleet, your business can save time and money. Contact today to learn more.

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