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How many courses of managing technology infrastructure were offered at your medical school?

6 Reasons You Should Consider the

IT Management of Your Medical Practice

1) Data Security - Any business that deals with the private and personal information of the general public has a tremendous responsibility for safeguarding it. There are serious repercussions for failure to protect personal health information.

2) Accessibility - Now patients must be able to access their own medical information. Patient portals are gaining popularity, which, for health care providers, will be another task to manage.

3) Healthcare vs. IT Management - You were trained to be a health care provider, not an IT specialist.

4) Fast Changing Technology and Threats - As a health care provider you are unable to keep track of the new threats and viruses that are constantly emerging, and have the potential to threaten your systems and data security.

5) Downtime and Data Recovery - Systems break. Reservation and scheduling systems can fail. Given the reliance on electronic systems, your office needs to have plans to quickly restore systems, and also ensure effective data back up procedures.

6) Cost of IT Management - In-house support is a considerable drain on payroll. Most likely this is a single full-time employee who cannot be available or on-call 24/7 and who may not be able to keep abreast of all the updates and regulatory changes all on their own.

What do you need to do? By now you know that you definitely need help running your IT networks. You have to make sure that you can focus on your core business without any interruptions or worries. You don’t want to be told by your staff that your systems have been hacked or your data is not being backed up properly. A single solution to all these concerns is to use a Managed Service Provider. Let Chattanooga Business Machines provide complete support for a worry-free work environment and leave you free to concentrate on more important things, like your patients. Contact us at or call 423-855-5222.

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