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How does technology increase workplace productivity?

It's easy to take technology for granted today, but it truly has made it easier for businesses to be more productive. Here are some key ways tech helps improve workplace conditions.

Better Communication

When co-workers can instant-message or email one another, it means problems are solved much faster. It also opens doors for management to speak directly with employees and disseminate information more efficiently.

Improved Flexibility

Mobile technology and Internet connectivity enable more employees to work wherever they are without productivity loss. This allows them to complete tasks virtually any time of day, as well.

Greater Accountability

Monitoring a team's progress is much easier thanks to many popular software platforms. It also helps ensure that everyone remain on task for the entire workday.

Easier Collaboration

Video conferencing, group chat and other technological tools enable teams on opposite coasts to work together on a project. No matter how far apart they are, they can share documents and ideas just as if they were all in the same room.

Access to Experts

You can reach out and touch the expertise you need to complete a project at the click of a mouse. There are numerous websites that can connect you with expert freelance help so you can always have the manpower you need.

Enhanced Networking

Creating a web of like-minded professionals who can help advance your skills and career is simpler than ever. Social media and specialized networking sites put you in touch with potentially thousands of resources worldwide.

Sharper Focus

Even though the Internet offers millions of distractions, there are tools you can use to filter anything that could keep you from your work. You can set reminders or even block frivolous content entirely while you're supposed to be focused on your job.

Targeted Marketing

Through email and social media, your company can reach out to your customers on an individual basis. With the information they provide you, you'll also be able to hone in on their preferences with laser-like precision.

Talk to Chattanooga Business Machines and find out how we can be a significant asset to your IT strategy.

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