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You can't avoid being a target...but you can avoid being a victim.

60% of small companies that suffer a cyberattack are out of business within six months.

What would happen if a hacker decided to launch a cyberattack against your business? Would they be successful?

Would they easily gain access to your company's sensitive information?

Would you suffer reputational damage?

Most small business owners tend to think they have nothing worth stealing. This makes them an easy target. Chances are, you do have something that hackers want: customer payment information, employee social security numbers.... It is your job to make sure this information is secure.

Cyber security isn't just a concern for large business. It's something that small business owners need to pay attention to because hackers know that small business owners don't typically have the staff on hand to monitor their IT infrastructure.

What can you do?

If you're concerned about your current IT environment, now might be the time to consider outsourcing your IT infrastructure. Let Chattanooga Business Machines help defend your network and potentially save your organization thousands of dollars per year in unplanned downtime and unbudgeted IT costs with our flat monthly fee as a Managed Service Provider.

Contact Chattanooga Business Machines for a complimentary network assessment at 423-855-5222 or

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