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Amazon is taking Alexa to the office

“Alexa, start my conference call.”

“Alexa, turn off the lights in the office at 7 p.m.”

“Alexa, schedule this room for 1 p.m.”

These commands are coming to an office near you via an Amazon Web Services Alexa for Business.

At your desk—Alexa lets you be more productive throughout your day and stay focused on important tasks. Alexa can help you manage your schedule, keep track of your to-do list, and set reminders. Alexa can automatically dial into your conference calls and make phone calls for you.

In the conference room—Alexa lets your start and control your conference room settings using your voice. With Alexa, you don’t need to use remote controls, look up conference call information, and manually dial in to meetings—you can simply say “Alexa, start my meeting,” and Alexa gets your meeting started.

Around the workplace—Alexa helps your workplace run more efficiently. Let Alexa help with common everyday tasks such as ordering new supplies, reporting building problems, or notifying IT of an equipment issue. Alexa can also provide important information, like inventory levels, and help with on-the-job training.

Sharp is the first MFP provider working with Alexa for Business to enhance technology in the workplace. It will allow Sharp’s customers to interact through simple, verbal commands with their Sharp Digital MFPs and the rest of the Sharp B2B portfolio, including AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems.

“This feature is an important step in bringing Sharp’s vision for an open, smart workplace to life, providing greater value to our business customers,” stated Vince Jannelli, Associate VP, Sharp.


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