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Scanning can boost your business

With technology continually leaping ahead, it seems impossible to stay up to date, let alone figure out every new advancement that you hear about. But the reality is that not every new invention is applicable or helpful for your business. Sometimes, it's better to stick with the time-tested solutions that have always worked for you, and just stay updated with new features.


Scanning is an excellent example of something that everyone understands and that always works well. Also, with new mobile access, digitization has made other leaps into the modern office world and is still entirely relevant.

Scanning can operate in your digital office space with you. Here are a few examples of how scanning can help your business workflow:

Scan to Email

Honestly, no one faxes anymore. Time to get on board with scan to email technology. It's easier, and makes more sense, too - you wanted the document electronically anyway.

Scan to the Cloud

Cloud storage is how most paperless offices operate to save space and time. Did you know you can scan materials directly to your cloud storage? Save all the steps of opening, filing, and emailing again with this simple step.

Mobile Scan or Print

Most devices have this mobile feature - print documents from your phone, or scan the same material from anywhere.

Collaborate with Scanning

If you're on a business call and can't see the material they're talking about, ask someone to scan it, and you can view it over your device to add input and participate in the collaboration on the spot.

Chattanooga Business Machines, Inc.

Sharp multifunction devices offer all the benefits above, plus the security of a well-respected brand.

We know the ins and outs of scanning and other office devices, and our team can set up your business with the scanning option that's right for you. Call or email us to jump in. 423-855-5222 or


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