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When Production Printing Makes Sense

When businesses are small and needs are limited, outsourcing print jobs can make sense. But as a business grows, relying on external vendors to meet those needs can become costly and inefficient. Not only do costs add up quickly for outsourced print jobs, but you are at the mercy of your print shop’s schedule. You’re competing with other clients for time, attention, and priority. Once your business’ needs have matured, it may be time to consider bringing production printing in-house.

If you are thinking about bringing production printing to your office, consider the following.

Has your printing reached critical mass?

Production printing is well-suited for high-volume, black-and-white printing and short runs of color documents. This means you can meet the great majority of your printing needs in-house. With in-house printing, you’ll save money through reduced waste and costs based on actual resource use, not per-page fees. Outsourced printing costs are also compounded by finishing options like folding, stapling, and trimming. Easily eliminate these extra fees with your own production machine.

Do you need more flexibility?

Production printing vastly improves your ability to be nimble, a critical capability in today’s fast-moving world. Production printing in-house eliminates long lead times required by print shops serving many clients; you can print what you need, when you need it. You’ll also have the flexibility of short print runs—no minimum quantities required—and you’ll eliminate the hassles of account management, as well as design and spec negotiations.

Do you need better control?

Production printing puts you back in charge of your printing. Control costs through quotas or usage monitoring. Control your own timeliness and priorities. Manage sensitive data that must otherwise be transmitted, stored, and handled outside your company. Production printing also gives you control of file preparation and enables you to maximize branding opportunities, even for short runs.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, production printing may make sense for your business. This one change can provide your business with much-needed cost savings, flexibility, and control. And for even greater control over cash flow, consider leasing your production equipment.

Contact to see if production printing could be a good fit for your business.


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