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Why businesses entrust VOIP for their phone systems

Why is it that companies are eschewing traditional phone systems in favor of VoIP systems, making it an industry standard?

Voice over Internet Protocol service, also termed as VoIP service, is a method that offers internet-based communication rather than using a traditional telephone network. Businesses today are discovering the benefits of a VoIP system such as:

Lower Costs

VoIP systems are much more cost effective, as there is no need to invest in expensive hardware. Your cost-per-call is significantly reduced, with even long distance phone calls costing you less.

Less-complicated Infrastructure

VoIP’s easy scalability eliminates the need for you to predict how many employees you’ll have a year from now. Lines can easily be added, reassigned, or removed, ensuring you always have exactly as many phone lines as you need and aren’t paying for ones you don’t use.

Increased Flexibility

VoIP phones enable you to access your business phone system from wherever you are as long as you have an Internet connection. You can connect a cellular phone to your office phone or plug a physical VoIP phone in at your home office.

Contact CBM today to learn more about the many ways VoIP can positively impact your business. or 423-855-5224.


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